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Are you on the list?

March 24, 2008

NASA has plans to release another announcement of opportunity for future planetary science exploration in the next few months. There are new amendments to the 2008 ROSES NRA every month or so. We’ve even seen several Requests for Information come out this year, in attempt to gauge interest in new types of opportunities.

Are you up to speed on all the new happenings and funding opportunities at NASA?

If you’re not on the NASA NSPIRES email list, you might not be seeing all the information you need to know. This is the official NASA email list for all R&A and AO communications, and it is probably in your best interest to be sure that you’re already on the list.

If you are already registered in NSPIRES, login, click Account Management, click email subscriptions, and be sure that the Science Mission Directorate general subscription list is checked.

If you’re not registered in NSPIRES yet, you should consider registering now, especially if you have plans to submit a research proposal in the next few months to a year. You’ll need to be registered to submit a Notice of Intent to submit a proposal, to create and submit the proposal itself, to be a Co-I or Collaborator on a proposal, or to serve on a review panel, so this is a concrete step that you can take now to becoming a successful proposer in the future.

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