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Venus Geochemistry

November 7, 2008

A workshop on Venus Geochemistry (including mineralogy and petrology) will be held on February 23-24, 2009, at the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston TX. Venus is Earth’s twin in size (and possibly composition), but is fundamentally different in surface geology, surface-atmosphere
interactions, tectonics and internal processes, and atmosphere composition and dynamics.
These differences contain clues to the evolution of Earth’s geology/climate system, Earth’s current habitability, and the detectability and habitability of planets circling other stars.

In the workshop we hope to:
* assess current knowledge of Venus’ geochemistry and mineralogy,
* discuss Earth-based investigations (laboratory and theoretical) to enhance interpretation of current data and enable future investigations,
* explore concepts for spacecraft instruments and missions, and
* energize studies of Venus geochemistry and mineralogy in preparation for future spacecraft missions.

NASA is providing significant support for student participation – graduate and undergraduate. This is a great opportunity for your students to learn about Venus, and test planetary science as a career choice.

For information, registration, and student support, please see
http://www.lpi. meetings/ venus2009/

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