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Lunar Geochemistry and Chronology

November 9, 2008

Dear Community,

As co-conveners of the “Lunar Geochemistry and Chronology” session at the upcoming Goldschmidt Conference 2009, to be held in Davos, Switzerland from June 21-26, we would like to invite you to participate in this session. The abstract submission deadline is February 22, 2009. Accepted abstracts will be published in Geochimica et Cosmochmica Acta.

The focus of the session is described below:

Lunar geochemistry and chronology have been revitalized in recent years by Clementine, Lunar Prospector and SMART-1 missions, the current Kaguya and Chang’e-1, and future (Chandrayaan-1 and LRO) global data obtained from orbit; samples that represent previously unsampled/uninvestigated compositional domains (e.g. meteorites); and new and improved analytical techniques that allow analyses of the smaller Apollo and Luna Samples. The aim of this session is to further explore the synergies between the different data sets for the evolving understanding of the formation and early differentiation of the Moon, lunar mantle and crust evolution, and lunar (and Earth) impact history.

You may find more information at:

Your participation will be important to bring together researchers in the community and to facilitate interesting and productive discussions on the fields of lunar geochemistry and chronology.

As you will be able to see on the conference website:, the week-long meeting will have a wide array of interesting contributions not only in the fields of solar system and planetary geochemistry, but also in many other themes of complementary research.

We look forward to your contributions. Please forward this message to others that may be interested.

Best Regards,
Amy Gaffney
Vera Fernandes
Katie Joy
Co-conveners of Session 01e, Goldschmidt 2009

Originally posted on Lunar-L.

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