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Planetary Decadal Survey

March 31, 2009

The Planetary Decadal Survey committee is now forming – it is the guiding report that NASA uses to set priorities for the next
ten years of solar system exploration. Steven Squyres of Cornell University has been named chair; Larry Soderblom of the U.S.G.S. has been named vice chair. For this report to represent the community it must involve the community – including women!

This is a perfect opportunity for us to make sure that women are both nominated and selected to serve in a crucial community function. Who are the women in your field that you want to shape the future? You are all encouraged to nominate people for the Survey Committee and/or Panels. You can do so at:

If you want to be nominated but don’t want to nominate yourself, let someone else know to nominate you – don’t be shy! However, keep in mind the Decadal Survey is a monumental task, and realistically, limited to people who have been in the field a while; early-career researchers probably don’t yet have the scope and breadth to sit on the committee itself.

Even so, the Decadal Survey process itself could really use a breath of fresh air. Early-career researchers probably have some innovative ideas about: How can community interactions and input be optimized? What can the survey committees do to facilitate input from the community? Written input is encouraged (and preferred) at the Decadal Survey website on-line at

More information about the Survey, including an overview by Steve
Squyres, can be found at the Space Studies Board website


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