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April 1, 2009

The “teaching colleges” group at the networking breakfast had a rather productive discussion of some of the issues that face those of us who are at non-research universities/colleges. The mailing lists were created to help further our discussions beyond the hour at LPSC….

What we discussed:

  • How can we best keep active in the planetary community (through research, service, etc.) while maintaining our teaching duties?
  • What resources can we utilize (pre-made labs, for example) or strategies can we adopt to reduce some of the teaching workload?
  • What difficulties might we face as proposers from universities/colleges that may have less resources available for researchers? How can we compete on an equal footing (more or less) with other proposers from more research-driven organizations?
  • What preparation might grad students interesting in teaching careers find valuable?
  • How can (should?) a job applicant tailor their application materials to have a better chance at landing the interview at a teaching university?

Please comment if there are topics I’ve missed – and if you are interesting in participating in our discussion, please join the mailing list! There are links in the sidebar to all the groups. (For those of you who suffer from email overload, you have the option to receive messages in a daily digest, or you can opt to only access the messages via the webpage – no need to receive individual emails if you would prefer to avoid another mailing list.)

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