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WORKSHOP AT DPS – Women in Astronomy: Professional Development

September 18, 2009

DPS Women in Astronomy Workshop: Professional Developement

* Organizer: Rachel Mastrapa, email:
* Date: Wednesday, 2009 October 7, 12:30-14:00
* Location: Culebra breakout room

The purpose of this workshop is to solicit ideas and information from the community in preparation for a proposal to the DPS Committee for the formation of a Professional Development committee. Such a committee might tackle topics like applying for postdocs, tenure-track jobs, how to give talks, write proposals, etc. The workshop program will include a review of online resources for professional development and a brain storming session regarding the needs of the community.

All are welcome, but pre-registration is required for this event due to space limitations. Lunch will be provided. Please contact Dr. Rachel Mastrapa to pre-register (

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  1. Kelsi permalink*
    October 14, 2009 9:55 pm


    I was at DPS and went to the Women in Astronomy lunch. We did indeed discuss the formation of an official DPS professional development committee, aimed at addressing early career and also diversity issues (this committee would not just be for women, if that wasn’t already apparent). Rachel did a very nice job of organizing and I just took a few notes that I thought I would share…

    A lot of these issues were things that we talked about at LPSC, or on this blog!

    Purpose of forming a new DPS committee on professional development: To have a formal standing committee to deal with these issues, not just if someone feels like putting it together and has time. To broaden our base, and thus our support, for these issues. It is helpful for our field for people to be well educated on how to deal with and go through early career issues. Also focusing on diversity will help us get more under-represented people into the field.

    Things we need (or need to do):
    – Write a proposal to DPS – we delegated some of the issues below out to different people to write about:
    – Mentoring (have a website/person to bring people together who want to mentor and need mentoring, like mentornet but specifically for our field)
    – Wiki – with information about schools to go to, people to work for, organizations to look out for, conferences, useful websites etc. (sort of like we started on this blog)
    – Diversity would be a “special issue” to be targeted in addition to general professional development
    – We need some data to back up our statement that we need more diversity. (Survey?)
    – Childcare could also possibly be a “special issue”.
    – Identify topics for workshops.

    We need a final draft of the proposal by April, but are aiming for a first draft by January. Different topics were given to different people to write a few paragraphs about.


  2. September 21, 2009 10:12 am

    What a great idea! Wish I were going.

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