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Student paper awards

January 21, 2010

If you are a student who published a first-author paper in 2009 you’re eligible for this competition. But don’t sit around hoping anyone else will notice! Take charge and ask your advisor or someone in your department to nominate you. A winning paper reflects well on them too!

The officers of the Planetary Geology Division are seeking nominations for the Pellas-Ryder Best Student Paper Award for 2010. The deadline for nominations is January 31, 2010, and thus far no nominations have been received by the award committee.

The Pellas-Ryder Award for the Best Student Paper in Planetary Sciences is granted annually at the discretion the Meteoritical Society Council and the Officers of the GSA Planetary Geology Division. Topics included under this award are asteroids, comets, craters, interplanetary dust, interstellar medium, lunar samples, meteors, meteorites, natural satellites, planets, tektites, origin and history of the solar system.

Eligibility: The Award is limited to undergraduate and graduate students who are first authors of a papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals during the 2009 calendar year. The first author must have been a registered student at a degree awarding institution at the time the paper was submitted to the publishing journal. Two letters of certification are required: (1) From the student’s department head attesting that the individual was a student at the time of paper submission to the publishing journal; (2) From the student’s advisor detailing the portion of the work done by the student and contributed by others including the advisor. Planetary science papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals published in English only will be considered for this award. Students of Selection Committee members are not eligible for the Award. Both US and non-US citizens are eligible.

Nomination Process: Papers will be considered for the Award by nomination to the Selection Committee. Committee members, full members of the Geological Society of America, full members of the Meteoritical Society, or full members of any of their associated societies may make nominations. Nominations can be made directly to the Chair of the Selection Committee. Submissions for consideration should be sent (as PDF documents) by email to: Christine Floss. Questions may be directed to Christine Floss at: (314) 935-6206.

Presentation of the Award: The Meteoritical Society provides a check for $500 U.S., and sends it directly to the recipient after notifying the recipient that they have been selected to receive the Award. GSA provides the recipient with a framed certificate. If the recipient attends the Annual GSA Meeting in the year of the Award, the certificate is presented there. Otherwise, the GSA ships the certificate to the recipient. A brief citation, written by the Committee Chair and the lead nominator, is published in Meteoritics and Planetary Science and included in the GSA Planetary Geology Division newsletter.

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