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Countdown to LPSC: My tip for getting the most out of the conference

February 11, 2010

So Susan has encouraged us to post our best tips for a successful LPSC. After giving it some thought, I’ve decided that my number one tip to surviving LPSC is to gain a little height advantage by wearing heels.  Let me explain: I spend a good deal of time at LPSC standing around in the lobby, or during poster sessions, or even at the bar, talking to colleagues.  Now, I am somewhat vertically challenged, particularly compared to my male colleagues, and I find that a couple extra inches of height allows me to get a little closer to eye level and really does amazing things for my confidence level.  Height-equals-power is an oversimplification, but there is definitely something to looking someone in the eye rather than them literally looking down at you that can change the tone of a conversation. It seems like a small thing, one or two inches, but I find it makes a huge difference. There are other advantages to wearing heels too, for example, you are easier for your friends to find in a crowded room and you have a slightly better chance of being able to see the charts if you are stuck in the back of a standing-room-only session. There is, of course, a balance to be struck here, because as I said, you will end up standing around for a good chunk of the day, so they better be comfortable heels or your week will be miserable (I speak from experience).   If you feel vertically challenged but just can’t do heels, another strategy for reducing the height disparity, is to sit down. Tell your colleague that you want to show them something on your computer, or that you want to go somewhere quieter, or that your feet hurt and you need to sit down and lead them to some chairs.

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