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Countdown to LPSC: Make a Schedule

February 23, 2010

Planning is the key to a successful conference, both as an administrator and as an attendee.  If you’re planning to attend LPSC next week, now is the time to download the conference schedule, click  through to the abstracts, and prioritize which talks — and which sessions — you want to hear.  Everyone has their own method that works for them, but if you’re still looking for yours, you might want to follow the following guidelines:

  • Select no more than one session per timeslot.  Yes, you may miss an interesting talk in another session, but you’ll save yourself from running around like a crazy person trying to predict which sessions are running early, which are late, and whether you can catch a talk in each of three sessions during the same timeslot.  Trust us on this.
  • Prioritize sessions.  You may not be able to listen to talks all day every day.  If you fill the time between with networking, meals, and a little down time, that’s certainly okay. Make the best use of your time — and make the conference work for you.
  • Pencil in social gatherings.  Put them on your schedule so you understand just how much you’re expecting of yourself — and make sure that you’re making time to talk informally to colleagues and friends as well.
  • Add NASA Night on Monday evening — this is the time when the people who run your grant programs get to talk to you directly — so plan to attend, and listen well.
  • Add the Women’s Networking Breakfast on Tuesday morning at 7:30 (breakfast available starting at 7:00).  Yes, it’s early, but it’s a great way to start the day!

After you’ve made a first cut at this, take a hard look at what you’ve planned.  Is it too much?  Too little?  Does it help you reach your goals?

What, you don’t have goals for the conference yet?  Well, come back tomorrow and we’ll talk about that. As always, feel free to leave questions or comments — or your own tips for conference go-ers — and we’ll see you at LPSC!

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  1. Barbylon permalink
    February 23, 2010 9:24 pm

    this is a tip I use every year – I made mine last week!


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