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Solar Electric Propulsion Mission Concept Studies

June 26, 2011

At the 9th Annual Low Cost Planetary Missions Conference last week, I heard over and over how helpful funded mission concept studies can be in the planning of a future proposal.  (Full disclosure: the latest mission concept study for Discovery was run by my husband. Bygones.)   If your team is considering proposing a mission that includes solar electric propulsion, you might want to check out the following SHORT NOTICE solicitation described in the blurb below, first seen on the Planetary Exploration Network newsletter – which should also be required reading for planetary scientists!


NASA has issued a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) seeking proposals
for mission concept studies of a solar electric propulsion system
demonstration to test and validate key capabilities and technologies
for future exploration missions.

This Solar Electric Propulsion Demonstration Mission Concept Studies
announcement (NNC11ZMA017K) is open to all non-government United
States institutions, academia, industry and nonprofit organizations.
NASA anticipates making multiple firm-fixed-priced awards with a
total value up to $2 million.

NOIs due: July 5
Proposals due: August 4

Responses must be submitted electronically via the NASA Solicitation
and Proposal Integrated Review and Evaluation System (NSPIRES) at:

Every organization that intends to submit a proposal in response to
this BAA must be registered with NSPIRES, and such registration must
identify the authorized organizational representative(s) who will
submit the electronic proposal.

NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland is managing the broad
agency announcement for the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate
and relevant technology activities for the Office of the Chief

Source: Planetary Exploration Network email newsletter.  If you’re not already on this list, join it today!

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