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Panelists needed for Prof. Dev. workshop on Negotiation at DPS

August 25, 2013

Hello fellow WIPS,

The professional development committee of the DPS will be hosting a workshop on negotiation before this year’s conference in Denver (Sunday, October 6th, 2:30-4:30 pm).  We are looking for two volunteers for a panel – note, if this is not something you could volunteer yourself for, please also think about others you know who might be good. 

The panel currently consists of the following volunteers (info about their institution and specialties are included):

  • Bill Farrand (soft money / consulting)
  • Courtney Coe (science accounting / grants & contracts)
  • Walt Harris (R1 university / 2 body problem)
  • Emily Lakdawalla (science journalism / book deals)

We are looking for two more panelists, preferentially someone who might be able to speak from their experience in negotiation at a smaller and/or primarily undergraduate institution or from a government/civil servant type position.  Or, if you can think of another way we could diversify this panel, let us know :).

Time commitment for the panel is approximately 1 hour in the afternoon of Sun. Oct. 6, and no registration for the conference is necessary to participate.  A short description of the workshop is below; panelists will be given a list of talking points beforehand.

Workshop: Negotiation Skills For Planetary Scientists

Sunday Oct. 6, 2013, 2.30-4.30 p.m.

This two-hour workshop, hosted by the DPS Professional Development subcommittee, will inform and train participants in negotiation techniques, with content tailored specifically for planetary scientists. Workshop is open to all levels: students through professionals. Participants will learn the real-world value and theory behind negotiation, what can and cannot be negotiated at different career stages, and how to negotiate in different planetary career tracks (e.g., university vs. national lab vs. soft money vs. alternative careers), through question and answer with an expert panel and hands-on exercises.



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