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Summary from DPS Women in Planetary Science Lunch – 2013

November 6, 2013

Thanks to the DPS Committee and all who attended for supporting a great discussion hour at the Denver DPS.

The overall topic was Leadership Development, but we also touched on many general Work-Life Satisfaction topics.  You can download the presentation here.  Note: If you want to use any of these in the future, please contact me so I can make sure the proper credit is given (sources are also noted on the slides).

Selected topics that arose were:

How can we practice articulating our professional value?

Suggestions from participants:

• Conduct mock interviews
• Attend proposal writing workshops (Curt Neibur conducts and excellent one for planetary science)
• Be on proposal panels to see the “other side”
• Practice stating what your skills are when talking to others (try not to qualify)
• Broaden your definition of what your value might be, find something that might be unique to you
• Keep a folder (either digital or physical) with things that you are proud of to remind yourself

How can we make decisions about time management according to our values?

Suggestions from participants:

• Get through things one by one
• Some things will fall off the list and that is ok
•Triage the less important stuff
• Break big things into smaller pieces – be nice to yourself (helps with the stress)
• Mental health – is important to maintain too
• Set your boundaries where you want them
• See if what they are asking you about/to do aligns with you goals
• Do as you would advise others
• It takes time to figure out who is the priority to respond to in a new job – but it may not be who you think it is…!  Look above and below you…!
• Think about who your future self will like and appreciate
• Think about the difference between urgent vs important
• Take a moment in the midst of chaos (where everything seems urgent) – to stay sane

And a reminder – NOMINATE your fellow female scientists for AWARDS!  DPS prize nominations are due in April.

We would love to follow up on these topics with additional blog posts, so if there is something that interests you that you would like to write about, let me know!



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  1. November 8, 2013 12:58 pm

    Post by Hannah Jang-Condell on the Women in Astronomy blog – good summary of the leadership section of the lunch 🙂

  2. November 6, 2013 1:35 pm

    Note from Christina Richey – Program Officer and Senior Scientist: If you would like to get onto a review panel, I heavily recommend going to
    and following the link for “Volunteer For Review Panels”. –> If it’s your first time, I recommend adding a comment saying “would be okay with being an executive secretary or panelist”.


  1. Supporting Other Women in Science | Tenure, She Wrote

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