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The Confidence Gap – Excellent Summary

April 17, 2014

In the last few years the number of research articles/books/popular articles about women in traditionally male dominated fields (science, leadership in large companies, etc.) has been on the rise – it has become a hot topic!

Every journal and magazine seems to want to publish on this topic.  Some pieces are more sensational or more anecdotal than others, but I am always looking for good summaries of related research.  The following article in the Atlantic mentions many of the topics that I have seen swirling around the women in science world lately, so I thought I would pass it on.

(It is a bit long, but well worth the read – I might even suggest reading it in sections, there is a lot of info to absorb!)


The authors are Claire Shipman, a reporter for ABC News, and Katty Kay, the anchor of BBC World News America. In two decades of covering American politics, they have interviewed some of the most influential women in the nation. They were surprised to discover the extent to which these women suffered from self-doubt, which inspired them to research and write their book:



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