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Congratulations to new (and not so new) Graduates!

June 1, 2014

Dear WIPS Blog Readers,

The last time we had a graduation celebration post was back in May of 2011, so we are long overdue for a new one.  Here are graduates (both PhD and Masters as a final degree) from the last few years.

Thanks to all of those who contributed to this list – special thanks to Lilian Ostrach for going above and beyond to find names and thesis titles :).

 Congratulations graduates! 




Thesis Title


Alyssa Rhoden PhD University of California, Berkeley The rotation and fracture history of Europa from modeling of tidal-tectonic processes
Christina Richey PhD University of Alabama at Birmingham
Devin Waller Masters Arizona State University Active Dust Devils on Mars: A Comparison of Six Spacecraft Landing Sites
Eve Berger PhD University of Arizona  
Julia DeMarines Masters International Space University  
Kiruthika Devaraj PhD Georgia Institute of Technology The centimeter-and millimeter-wavelength ammonia absorption spectra under jovian conditions
Krista Soderlund PhD University of California, Los Angeles Investigating Transitions in Planetary Dynamo Models
Laura Kerber PhD Brown University The Dispersal of Pyroclastic Ash on Mercury and Mars
Liz Rampe PhD Arizona State University The Effects of Chemical Weathering on Thermal-Infrared Spectral Data and Models: Implications for Aqueous Processes on the Martian Surface
Michelle Selvans PhD Caltech Geophysical investigations of near-surface structure on the Earth and Mars
Nina Lanza PhD University of New Mexico  
Rebekah Kienenberger Masters Arizona State University Distribution of Windblown Sediment in Small Craters on Mars


Adrienne Dove PhD University of Colorado, Boulder  
Amy Shaw PhD Washington University in St. Louis Characterization of martian surfaces using mechanical and spectrophotometric models
Angela Stickle PhD Brown University Epic Failure: A Study of Subsurface Damage Following Oblique Hypervelocity Impacts
Christina Beck (nee Viviano) PhD University of Tennessee  
Debra Hurwitz PhD Brown University The relative roles of thermal and mechanical erosion by lava in shaping the surfaces of the terrestrial planets
Emily Knowles PhD University of Colorado, Boulder  
Janette Wilson MS Brown University Exposures of olivine-rich rocks in the vicinity of Ares Vallis: Implications for Noachian and Hesperian volcanism
Julia Aysina PhD University of Trento  
Karina Cheung MS Virginia Tech Using Crustal Thickness Modeling to study Mars’ Crustal and Mantle Structures
Katherine Wright PhD University of Colorado, Boulder  
Kathryn (Kat) Gardner-Vandy PhD University of Arizona Partial Melting of FeO-Rich Asteroids: Insights to the First Stage of Planetary Differentiation
Marissa Vogt PhD University of California, Los Angeles The Structure and Dynamics of Jupiter’s Magnetosphere
Melissa Rice PhD Cornell University Annals of a Former World: The Remnants of Water at Gusev Crater and Eberswalde Crater, Mars
Naomi Murdoch PhD Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur/University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, The Open University Modelling the behaviour of granular material on the surface of asteroids and under different gravity conditions (e.g., Mars, the Moon)
Patricia Craig PhD University of Arkansas  
Sarah Drummond Masters University of Tennessee Structural Control of Fluvial Network Morphology on Titan
Tess McEnulty PhD University of California, Berkeley Oxygen Loss from Venus and the Influence of Extreme Solar Wind Conditions


Amanda Zangari PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology Investigating spatial variation in the surface and atmosphere of Pluto through stellar occultations and PSF photometry.
Ania Losiak PhD University of Vienna  
Bhairavi Shankar PhD The University of Western Ontario A Multispectral Assessment of Complex Impact Craters on the Lunar Farside
Carrie Nugent PhD University of California, Los Angeles Solar Radiation and Near-Earth Asteroids: Thermophysical Modeling and New Measurements of the Yarkovsky Effect
Cassandra Marnocha PhD University of Arkansas  
Jennifer Hanley PhD University of Arkansas On Chlorine Salts: Their Detection, Stability and Implications for Water on Mars and Europa
Kassandra Martin-Wells PhD Cornell University  
Kate Craft PhD Virginia Tech Dike-Driven Hydrothermal Processes on Mars and Sill Emplacement on Europa
Kelsi Singer PhD Washington University in St. Louis Icy Satellite Tectonic, Geodynamic and Mass Wasting Surface Features: Constraints on Interior Processes and Evolution
Kerri Donaldson-Hanna PhD Brown University Compositional Diversity of the Moon’s Anorthositic Crust: Integrating Remote Observations with Laboratory Measurements of Analogue Materials under Simulated Lunar Conditions
Lillian Ostrach PhD Arizona State University Impact-Related Processes on Mercury and the Moon
Lynnae Quick PhD Johns Hopkins University Europa: Cryomagmatic Processes and Cryovolcanic Surface Expressions
Majd Mayyasi Matta PhD Boston University Modeling the Martian Ionosphere
Malynda Chizek Frouard PhD New Mexico State University Data and Model Investigation of Martian Methane and other Trace Gases
Melissa Bunte PhD Arizona State University Utilizing Science and Technology to Enhance a Future Planetary Mission: Applications to Europa
Michele Bannister PhD Australian National University Bright Trans-Neptunian Objects in the Southern Sky
Roxanne Ligi PhD Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur/University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis Determination of the fundamental parameters of exoplanet host stars with visible interferometry
Sarah Braden PhD Arizona State University Analysis of spacecraft data for the study of diverse lunar volcanism and regolith maturation rates


Abigail Fraeman PhD Washington University in St. Louis Materials and Surface Processes at Gale Crater and the Moons of Mars from High Spatial and Spectral Resolution Orbital Datasets
Adrienn Luspay-Kuti PhD University of Arkansas  
Emily Martin PhD University of Idaho The fractured ice shell of Saturn’s moon Enceladus; insights into the global stress history and interior structure.
Jennifer Whitten PhD Brown University The role of volcanism in the early history of the Moon and Mercury.
Kelsey Young PhD Arizona State University The Use of Terrestrial Analogs in Preparing for Planetary Surface Exploration: The Sampling and Radioisotopic Dating of Impactites and the Deployment of In Situ Analytical Technologies
Leah Cheek PhD Brown University Foundations of Lunar Highland Crustal Mineralogy Derived from Remote Sensing and Laboratory Spectroscopy of Plagioclase-Dominated Materials
Meg Rosenburg PhD Caltech Interpretation of Lunar Topography: Impact Cratering and Surface Roughness
Megan Bruck Syal PhD Brown University Impact Vaporization: Experimental and Numerical Insights
Pavithra Sekhar PhD Virginia Tech Three-Dimensional Spherical Modeling of the Mantles of Mars and Ceres: Inference from Geoid, Topography and Melt History

Please let me know (either by e-mail or in the comments) if I am missing someone and/or if information needs to be updated :).

We will also be updating the Women in Planetary Science Pinterest page!


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