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New List of Awards – Nominate Deserving Scientists!

November 10, 2014

From Emily Lakdwalla:

Before women can be recognized for their contribution to planetary science and astronomy, they have to be nominated. Anecdotal evidence suggests that women may not be getting nominated for prizes very frequently. To encourage people to nominate more women for prizes, I asked Planetary Society web intern and fellow Woman in Planetary Science Tanya Harrison to scrounge around the Web, locating information on what prizes are out there for Earth and planetary sciences and astronomy, when nominations are due, and what’s involved in nomination packages. She came up with a huge list, available to all in a Google Doc. The list includes prizes for any scientist, young scientists, mid-career scientists, end-of-career scientists, journalists, and those who serve the community as educators or advocates.

  • Award List (it should let you request permission to edit)

Some of the deadlines listed inside it are past; but most of these prizes are annual and one can assume that nominations will be due in
2015 at around the same calendar date that they were in 2014. Last year, GSA nominations were due February 1; AGU March 14; DPS on April 1.

If you know of other prizes, please edit!

From Kelsi:  One of the focuses of the Association for Women in Science (AWIS) is on helping female scientist achieve recognition.  You can see their resources here, and a fact sheet for some other scientific disciplines.  (Note they are redoing their website, so some resources are “coming soon” :).

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