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Conference Announcement: Planetary Systems – A Synergistic View

January 25, 2015

Hi All,

I had a request to post this conference call, and since sounds quite interesting and is not one of the annual conferences, just helping spread the word :).



International Center for Interdisciplinary Science Education

Quy Nhon, Vietnam

19-25 July 2015


 With exciting new results coming from both exoplanet observations and solar system exploration missions, it sometimes seems that the two fields of “planetary studies” aren’t talking to each other.  What new insights might come from a synergistic approach to planetary studies, where exoplanet and solar system scientists share data sets, develop and tune models jointly, and encourage postdoctoral fellowships and faculty positions that transcend the exoplanet/solar system divide?

The International Center for Interdisciplinary Science Education (ICISE) will host a conference entitled “Planetary systems:  A synergistic view”, to be held 19-25 July 2015 in Quy Nhon, Vietnam.  The ICISE is a new conference venue in a beautiful beach town in Vietnam, a country that is now fully open for tourism but not yet inundated.

With this announcement, we are soliciting abstracts for oral presentations and posters.  Invited presentations and contributed talks will focus on major new observational projects and what we expect to learn over the next decade.  Jane Luu will present the keynote address, and presentations will be organized around the following themes:

  • Lessons from Solar Systems and Exoplanets:

(N. Batalha, H. Deeg, J. Fortney, V. Hamilton, A. Hayes, C. Helling, A. Howard, R. Hu, E. Kempton, N. Lewis, C. Morley, E. Petigura, B. Schmidt, J. Teske, P. Thomas)

  • Comparative Studies of Planet Formation:

(H. Klahr, Y. Lithwick, R. Malhotra, S. Raymond, F. Valsecchi)

  • Criteria for Habitability and Lessons from our Solar System:

(C. Alexander, C. Dressing, R. Kopparapu, W. Traub)

  • Future Missions:

(J. Bean, A. Coustenis)


  • Abstract deadline is 20 February 2015
  • Abstracts must be submitted online at

  • Abstracts are limited to 300 words
  • Abstracts and those accepted for presentation must be made in English
  • Only one abstract per presenting author
  • Abstract acceptance notification will be sent by 7 March 2015


Online registration for the conference is now open at


Each presenting author is responsible for his/her registration fee, as well as travel and lodging costs. Limited financial support for lodging is available for graduate students and young scientists from developing countries, including Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, there is no support for transportation costs for airfare or train tickets. Financial support requests may be submitted online at


Jonathan Lunine, Chair (Cornell University). Contact his assistant Kathy May (kam34 at for more information.

Bethany Ehlmann (Caltech)

Heidi Hammel (AURA)

Lisa Kaltenegger (Cornell University)

Jim Kasting (Penn State University)

Heather Knutson (Caltech)

Eduardo Martin (CAB, CSIC-INTA, Madrid)

Yamila Miguel (OCA)

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