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Dr. Christina Richey’s Masursky Prize Lecture at DPS 2015

December 10, 2015

Hi All,

I have not had a chance to write up the summary of the DPS Women in Planetary Science Lunch yet, so I am going to skip ahead to posting about some of the other great events that occurred at DPS :).

Dr. Christina Richey received the Division for Planetary Sciences Harold A. Masursky award for Meritorious Service to Planetary Science.  In the past, this prize winner gave short remarks after announcement of the prize, but Christina requested, and was granted, a full-length prize talk to address the issue of harassment.

  • Christina’s moving talk outlined some of the many issues we face in our field, and emphasized the serious consequences of harassment.  She summarized the results of the CSWA Survey on Workplace Climate and shared best practices for combating harassment, including discussions on reporting harassment, accountability, and being an ally.
  • Christina’s was kind enough to share her slides which contain a great number of details and helpful resources:

A huge thanks to Christina and everyone else who is taking a stand on harassment.



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