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Invitation to EPSC/DPS Sagan Medal Lecture by Dr. Carrie Nugent

September 6, 2019

One more EPSC/DPS note – the amazing Dr. Carrie Nugent will be giving the Sagan Medal Public Lecture on Thursday night (the 19th) at 7:30 pm at the University of Geneva campus (not too far from the old/down town).

Carrie is a TED Fellow and gives very entertaining/informative talks :).

The title is “Asteroid impacts and Spacepod”.

All details including location can be found here:

Talk abstract:

An asteroid impact is the only natural disaster we have the technology to prevent. But prevention takes time, so we need to discover and track near‐Earth asteroids now. The first part of my talk will cover notable asteroid impacts and ongoing efforts to discover near-Earth asteroids.

The second part of the talk will discuss my outreach work. I love talking with other scientists and engineers that explore space for a living. I started recording and sharing these conversations as a podcast, Spacepod.

Spacepod now reaches listeners from every continent and all walks of life. I’ll share stories about how Spacepod has changed listeners’ lives. Some write to say they decided to study physics or astronomy because of the show. Others say hearing about the cosmos helps them get through tough personal times. And some listeners have shared that Spacepod broadened their view of who can be a scientist. I love these stories, and they motivate me to continue hosting and producing the show.

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