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New DPS Mid-career Prize: The Claudia J. Alexander Prize

March 7, 2021

Hello all! Its that time of year again, to take a moment to look around, and consider who of your deserving colleagues you should be nominating for prizes this year! The due date for all prize nomination packages is April 1. Most prizes request a main nominator who organizes 3 additional letters of recommendation. Prize packages remain active for 3 years, or until a candidate is no longer eligible. Nomination packages can be refreshed or renewed at any time (you do not have to wait until the 3 year initial term is over). You can find the full info here: and here: Also note that DPS membership is not required for either the nominators or the nominee.

  • This is the first year of the new DPS Alexander Mid-career Scientific Achievement Prize, where mid-career is defined as 8-25 years past-PhD.

The full list of DPS prizes:

The Claudia J. Alexander Prize [] recognizes excellence and achievements by a mid-career scientist.

The Gerard P. Kuiper Prize [] recognizes and honors outstanding contributors to the field of planetary science.

The Harold C. Urey Prize [] recognizes and encourages outstanding achievements in planetary research by an early-career scientist.

The Harold Masursky Award [] recognizes and honors individuals who have rendered outstanding service to planetary science and exploration through – but not limited to – engineering, managerial, programmatic, editorial, or public service activities.

The Carl Sagan Medal [] recognizes and honors outstanding communication by an active planetary scientist to the general public.

The Jonathan Eberhart Planetary Sciences Journalism Award [] recognizes and stimulates distinguished popular writing on planetary sciences.

If you have questions about DPS nominations, please feel free to contact myself (Kelsi Singer) or the DPS prize chair at dpsprize at

But wait… there’s more! I am adding in the list of SSERVI awards, due April 8, 2021:

  • Shoemaker Award (lifetime career achievement award in lunar and planetary sciences)
  • Wargo Award (scientist or engineer who has focused on integrating science and exploration throughout their career)
  • Angioletta Coradini Mid-Career Award (researcher for significant, lasting accomplishments related to exploration science)
  • Niebur Award (early career award for significant contributions to exploration science)

Nominees from previous years will automatically be carried forward tothe upcoming year. Further descriptions of each award and thenomination form may be found at:

Thank you in advance for your nominations and recognition of those whohave contributed so substantially to our field!

Please contact Mahesh Anand (, Greg Schmidt( and/or Kristina Gibbs( if you have any questions regarding the JointNESF and ELS and award nominations. 

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