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LPSC Workforce Poster Session: Who We Are and Who We Can Be

March 15, 2021

By Julie Rathbun and Nicolle Zellner

Almost all of the conferences went virtual in 2020, and LPSC was early enough in the pandemic that it simply had to be canceled. As we continue to collectively tread safely, LPSC 2021 looks a bit different this year as the LPI’s first ever virtual conference. Everyone (including us) seems to be burnt out right now, so we don’t want to add too much to your plate. But, if you have time in your schedule, we recommend a conversation about the posters submitted to LPSC’s session titled: “A Diverse and Inclusive Workforce: Who we are and can be”.  

Posters in this session cover topics ranging from workforce survey results, demographics, harassment, planetary nomenclature, and ways to help members of marginalized communities in planetary science, and more! The complete list of poster titles and links to abstracts can be found here. You don’t have to be registered for the conference to read the abstracts.

These posters are so interesting that we are having a panel discussion/working group meeting to discuss what the posters are telling us and what we can do to help marginalized communities in planetary science. The best part is you don’t need to be registered for LPSC to attend this discussion session! Simply email Julie Rathbun at to get the Zoom link. We will be meeting on Thursday (3/18), from 11:00 am – noon EDT (10 am – 11 am CDT). The session will be hosted by Julie Rathbun (PSI) and chaired by JA Grier (PSI) and Steve Vance (JPL). You can also join us on the Slack channel (#deia).

Several of the poster presenters have the shared the links to their iPosters so they can be viewed by anyone, LPSC registrant or not:

Results of the 2020 Planetary Science Workforce Survey by Rathbun et al.

Planetary Nomenclature and Indigenous Communities by Tiscareno et al.

Foreign Nationals Employed and Studying in Planetary Research… and Recommendations… by Scully et al.

The Preventing Harassment in Science Workshop: Summary and Best Practices by Bennett et al.

Addressing Mental Health in Planetary Science by Vance et al.

All Conference Talks Need Captions by Piatek et al.

18 Years of LPSC Attendance and Presentation Data: An Assessment of Participation by Women by Zellner et al.

Demographic Study of the Planetary Science Workforce by Rivera-Valentín et al. 

For folks who want to start the conversation early, please submit questions here. We look forward to seeing you!

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