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WiPS in the News

July 29, 2015

Congratulations to our female planetary science colleagues who have recently received awards for their research and accomplishments!


Dr. Hiroko Nagahara, a professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Science at the University of Tokyo has received the 2015 J. Lawrence Smith Medal from the National Academy of Sciences. She was recognized for “her contributions toward understanding chondrule formation and kinetics of evaporation and condensation processes in the early solar system.” First awarded in 1888, Dr. Nagahara is the first woman to receive this award, which includes $50,000.

Dr. Natalia Artemieva has received the Meteoritical Society’s 2015 Barringer Award for her “seminal contributions to the understanding of dynamic impact cratering physics and chemistry.”  Dr. Artemieva is a Senior Scientist at the Planetary Science Institute and the first woman since 1984 to receive this award.

Dr. Carle’ Pieters (Brown University) has received the Shoemaker Distinguished Lunar Scientist Medal, given annually since 2009 by the NASA SSERVI. Dr. Pieters was recognized for “her significant scientific contributions to the field of lunar science throughout the course of her scientific career”.

Graduate students Erica Jawin (Brown University) and Tanya Harrison (University of Western Ontario) have been named Zonta International Amelia Earhart Fellows. Erica investigates the mineralogy of lunar dark mantle deposits, while Tanya studies the mechanisms of crater modification on Mars. You can read more about their research projects here by searching on their names.  Note that applications for the 2016 Fellowships must be received or post-marked by November 15, 2015.

Graduate student Holly Farris (University of Arkansas) has received a Lewis and Clark grant for field research in the Atacama Desert.  The Lewis and Clark Fund “encourages exploratory field studies for the collection of specimens and data and to provide the imaginative stimulus that accompanies direct observation.” Note that the application deadline is February 1 (with notification in May, for work in June and beyond), while letters of support are due January 29 of every year.

Finally, Congratulations to the “women of Pluto”! The world watched eagerly as New Horizons returned images and data from Pluto and Charon.  About 25% of the New Horizons team consists of female scientists.  Three of them, deputy project scientists Dr. Kimberly Ennico Smith and Cathy Olkin, and mission operations manager Alice Bowman, were additionally profiled by PBS. Read their interview here.

Did I miss anyone? Add them in the comments. Congratulations to all!

Passing of Claudia Alexander

July 13, 2015

It was with heavy hearts this weekend that many of our group heard of the passing of Rosetta US Project Scientist Claudia Alexander. As one of the few African American women in our field, she gave many an inspiring example to look to and emulate as they furthered their careers.

We hope her wisdom left behind in her 51+ Women in Planetary Science interview continues to help future early career scientists.

Christina Richey’s response to ‘Bothered’ from the Science Magazine Career Advice Section

June 2, 2015

Christina Richey has a great post in the Women in Astronomy Blog about dealing with sexual harassment – cross-posting the link here with her permission :).

AGU/Wiley book on women in the geosciences

May 20, 2015

This is a somewhat pricey book, but could be an interesting read.

If anyone had read or reads this, let us know what you think.

2015 Susan Niebur LPSC Networking Event Summary

April 13, 2015


Photo by Heather Dalton

Many thanks to all the participants (120!), volunteers, and supporters, especially LPI and DPS, for making the annual Susan Niebur Women in Planetary Science Networking Event at LPSC a great success! The format of table discussions enabled us to cover a wide variety of topics in a short amount of time and to share experience and strategies (some highlights below). As always, the positive energy of the group was inspiring!

If you have any feedback, suggestions, and/or would like to help coordinate future events, please let us know.

–Zibi, Nicolle, Kelsi, Sarah

Read more…

LPSC Women in Planetary Science Networking Event 2015

March 7, 2015

Announcement of the 2015 Susan Niebur Women in Planetary Science Networking Event at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference!

This event is open to all interested persons, and we will spend most of the time discussing the topics below.

Light refreshments will be served thanks to generous support from the Division for Planetary Sciences!  If you are not familiar with their resources and programs check out:
When: Wednesday, March 18th, 2015; 6:00 to ~7:30 pm
Where: Montgomery Ballrooms A-C (in Conference Venue – Woodlands Waterway Marriott, Houston , TX)

We will have tables setup for the following topics, and will conclude with a full room discussion:

• negotiating a new position
• careers outside of academia
• the two body problem
• the n-body problem (kids)
• managing and reducing stress
• social media and your professional career
• the proposal submission and reviewing process
• imposter syndrome

Read more…

Childcare at LPSC – what solutions have you found/heard of?

January 28, 2015

HI All

There is no formal childcare program sponsored by LPSC for liability reasons.  However, there are quite a few people who are in need of such services :).  What solutions have you used or heard of from past conferences?  

  • Note there will be a mother’s room available at the conference starting Sunday – ask at the LPSC registration desk for details.

Emily Lakdawalla recommends to find great sitters — you can list a job and interview people before hand.   She  has also had very good experiences getting a referral to a babysitting service from the hotel concierge and hiring a local babysitter to sit her kids in her hotel room.

Also, if there are people interested in trading “sitting time” feel free to express interest below.


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