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The 2010 Lunar and Planetary Science Conference had an added dimension this year.  Not only could scientists attend talks, chat in the hallway, participate in team meetings and town halls, and build collaborations both during and after-hours, but those using social media benefited from the ability to somehow be in two — or four — places at once.

How did they do that?  Twitter.  Those toting smartphones or posting from texts were able to catch hot talks as they happened — even if they were committed to being in another room at the time.  We traded ideas, shared quotes, questioned speakers, and helped those following along at home to truly be part of this once-a-year conference.  For a full look at the (unofficial) LPSC tweetstream, search on the hashtag #LPSC and see what we were talking about.

I’d like to recap the whole conference using tweets and my own notes, scrawled in the margins of the program like everyone else, but, boy, would that be an undertaking.  In lieu of that, here are some top planetary science tweeps to follow — and some blogs or articles already posted about the news, the science, and the fun at this annual conference for lunar and planetary scientists.

On twitter:  sandrift, squawky, interplntsarah, barbylon, eamador, womenplanetsci, laughingrid, solefolia, astraea_sophia, elakdawalla, asrivken, cassinisaturn, hirise, mymoonlpi, jhjones, aggieastronaut, starstryder, the_stargazer, joemasiero, wise_mission, selene_carey, soto97, lunarkatz, mariannedyson, amytoast, cviviano, martiandestiny, marschronicler, marslakes, pgrindod, marssciencegrad, volcanopele, milkysa, LPI_library, lostrack621, galuba, poikilloblastic, alice930, samanthagpb007, topherhughes, hauck, jacobrichardson, biphenyl, lpimeetings (brand new – the conference twitter – they sent coffee!), marsroverdriver (not present),silverrockets (not present), mirk47 (not present), geologydave (not present), protargal (not present), desert_rats (not present), lunarpioneer (not present), martian soil (not present), gxlp (not present), naturenews (press), alexwitze (press, not present), and astrolisa (press, not present).

Most if not all LPSC attendees tweeting were collected in a twitterlist, which may also be useful for figuring out who to follow if you’re new to twitter.

Are you on twitter?  Have your own list of scientists you’d recommend following?  Great!  Comment here and we’ll update this page!

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