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Women in Aerospace Europe

November 26, 2010

Today’s feature is on Women in Aerospace Europe. From their website:

Women in Aerospace (WIA) Europe is dedicated to expanding women’s opportunities for leadership and increasing their visibility in the aerospace community, by creating a Network in Europe and across the globe.

Our membership, consisting of both women and men, share an interest in a broad spectrum of aerospace issues, including human space flight and exploration, aviation, remote sensing, satellite communications, robotic missions, commercial space, space tourism, and the policy issues surrounding these fields.

The goals of WIA Europe are to:

  • Be a networking platform for women in leading positions in aerospace and other technological areas.
  • Foster and promote the interests of women working in aerospace.
  • Promote and improve the access of females to technical areas and the space sector.
  • Advance aerospace education in schools and universities.
  • Advocate the further investment in space projects in the political environment.
  • Cooperate for the improvement and stabilization of the position of women in the aerospace profession.
  • Be an ambassador for space in society, culture and philosophy.

Want to learn more?  Read Space News’ interview with Claudia Kessler, the Chairwoman of the Board of Women in Aerospace Europe and Chief Executive of HE Space Holding BV.

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  1. May 27, 2013 12:04 am

    This is really a good blog. In this blog we get information about planetary science which is usefull for us.As everyone knows we have had some retirements in the Research and
    Analysis and mission areas of the Planetary Science Division (PSD).

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